Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries (ASI)

Deborah Young

Adventist laypeople who run supporting ministries, own their own businesses, or are in the professional world are invited to join Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI). ASI is an enthusiastic group of committed Adventists who are seeking to grow in their discipleship for the Master.
This organization provides training and motivational fellowship for sharing Christ in the marketplace.
There are institutions of education, health services, and various outreach ministries that are not operated directly through the Adventist Church organization. These ministries are called “self-supporting.” They operate without any financial subsidy from the church itself, yet they seek to advance the mission of the Adventist Church. ASI is their organization of support for fellowship as well as fund-raising.
ASI is organized on the Union level and has a meeting each spring (Lake Union ASI). The National ASI convention is usually held in August each year. Speak with your pastor if you are interested in more information about membership.
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Calendar of Events
LUC Planned Giving & Trust Services Conference - Mackinac Island , MI - Oct 22, Wed
Chicago PARL Rally - Independence SDA Church, Chicago, IL - Oct 25, Sat 5:00 PM
Chicagoland PARL Training - Independence SDA Church, Chicago, IL - Oct 26, Sun 10:00 AM
Andrews University Board - Oct 28, Tue
NAD Year-end Meeting - Oct 31, Fri
Motor City Youth Federation - Oct 31, Fri
NAD Year-end Meeting - Nov 1, Sat
Indianapol is PARL Rall y - Eastside SDA Church, Indianapol is, IN - Nov 1, Sat 5:00 PM
Illiana PARL Training - Eastside SDA Church, Indianapol is, IN - Nov 2, Sun 10:00 AM
Illiana Youth Federation - Nov 7, Fri
Veterans Day - Nov 10, Mon - Schools closed.
Remittance Reports Due - Nov 10, Mon
LRC Family Life Youth Purity Conference (ages 13-19) - Nov 14, Fri
Michiana PARL Training - Berean SDA Church, South Bend, IN - Nov 16, Sun 10:00 AM
LUC Department Meetings - Nov 17, Mon
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